Policy, Access, and Value of Immuno-Oncology Initiative

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While momentum around immunotherapies for cancer continues to build, the high cost of these therapies places them at the center of debate about how best to define and measure value in cancer care. As these therapies are increasingly integrated into practice it is imperative that all stakeholders—providers, patients, payers, and manufacturers—keep pace with emerging developments and real-world challenges.

As highlighted in the ICLIO whitepaper, Immuno-Oncology: There’s More to Discover, top-level concerns for the future of immunotherapy in practice, include the following:

  • Payer and coverage policies continue to pose barriers to access to immunotherapies for cancer.
  • Recognition and management of immune-related adverse events continue to create additional expense and resource requirements across the continuum of care. 
  • Alternative payment models (APMs) focused on value-based reimbursement must include input and buy-in from the oncology community.

Information and education are critical to identifying, understanding, and overcoming barriers to accessing innovative therapies. The ICLIO Policy, Access, and Value of Immuno-Oncology initiative will develop information that will help in monitoring availability of I-O agents and addressing policies and processes that impact access to immunotherapy.

For this initiative, in 2017 ICLIO will:

  • Host the 2nd Annual Policy Summit
    This summer, ICLIO will bring together key stakeholders for an invitation-only summit to discuss evolving issues relating to policy-setting and decision-making impacting the use of and access to immuno-oncology drugs and biologics.
  • Conduct an Environmental Scan
    The scan will review the current landscape, the key barriers, the potential impact of healthcare policy and reimbursement changes, and the opportunities to improve patient access.
  • Deploy a Survey
    ICLIO will conduct a brief survey to better understand the access barriers, issues, and concerns surrounding immuno-oncology. Survey results will be used by oncology stakeholders to foster discussion with the aim of developing potential solutions to patient access barriers. The survey will focus on four key areas:

    • Clinical and Policy Issues in Immuno-Oncology (IO)
    • Oncology Care Model (OCM) and Alternative Payment Models (APMs)
    • Application and Impact of Quality Measures
    • Payer/Managed Care Organizations (MCO) Management of Immuno-Oncology

ICLIO encourages all members of the multidisciplinary cancer care team to take the survey.

Key findings from this initiative will be shared on the ICLIO website and in the year-end ICLIO white paper (December 2017). Stay tuned!
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