ICLIO Visiting Experts Program

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The ICLIO Visiting Experts program has been developed to help prepare the multidisciplinary cancer care team for the complex implementation of immuno-oncology, with a focus on advancements, operations, and effective practices.

St. Joseph Hospital, The Cancer Center Site Visit
St. Joseph Hospital, The Cancer Center Site Visit – July  10, 2017.

Seven ACCC Cancer Program Members* were selected to participate in a series of one-day, personalized learning workshops that will be held at their institution in 2017. Additional programs will be selected for 2018. The application deadline is December 31, 2017

The participating programs include:

  • Riverside Methodist Hospital, Newport News, VA (Pilot Program)
  • Columbus Regional Hospital, The Cancer Center, Columbus, IN
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, PA
  • Carol G. Simon Cancer Center at Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, NJ
  • Saint Agnes Cancer Institute, Baltimore, MD
  • St. Joseph Hospital, Orange County, CA
  • Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at the Thomas Jefferson University Health System, Philadelphia, PA

The workshops will be conducted by the ICLIO Visiting Experts faculty, which includes a clinician, administrator, nurse, and pharmacist. The faculty will provide a tailored curriculum on the nuances and complexities of immuno-oncology that will foster direct, actionable dialogue on the critical issues affecting immunotherapies for cancer. The curriculum will help further the program’s delivery of immuno-oncology across the care continuum.

Riverside Methodist Hosptial Site Visit – February 23, 2017

Learning Objectives:

The curricular content of the program will be tailored to the individual needs of each selected institution. Preliminary learning objectives include:

  • Learn about the essentials of immunotherapies and their applications in cancer medicine
  • Expand knowledge on the nuances and intricacies of coverage and reimbursement of I-O agents
  • Optimize clinical understanding to manage the operations associated with delivering immuno-oncology
  • Understand I-O agent response patterns, including pseudoprogression
  • Gain strategies to anticipate and manage adverse events (including working with primary care and other specialties
  • Discuss the role of biomarkers and use of specific diagnostics
  • Evaluate program responses to I-O-related complexities and nuances with the use of immunotherapies, with an emphasis on I-O agents (e.g., checkpoint inhibitors) in the treatment of patients

Application Details:

We encourage you to apply for this exceptional opportunity via this online platform or download the PDF application Please submit your application to Brissan Guardado by December 31, 2017 via the online program, email, or fax to 301.770.1949.

Who Should Apply?

ICLIO Visiting Experts is suitable for cancer programs and practices who are interested in optimizing and expanding their immuno-oncology program. It is mandatory that key members of your immuno-oncology program be present and involved during your one-day program.

Program Requirements:

  • Be a current ACCC Cancer Program Member* in good standing
  • Have already established—or are in the early stages of implementing—an immuno-oncology program, and be willing to discuss your practices with ACCC and ICLIO
  • Identify and assign a champion to interact and coordinate with the ICLIO project team
  • Have treated 50 or more patients with immunotherapy in the last 12 months
  • Have plans to expand your immuno-oncology program over the next 2 years
  • Enlist commitment of 5 or more key oncology professionals who will participate in program:
    • Physician(s) (oncology, radiation oncology, surgical, internal etc.)
    • Nurse(s)
    • Pharmacist(s)
    • Social worker(s)
    • Financial counselor(s)
    • Administrator(s)
    • Other
  • Approval for ACCC and ICLIO to publish key findings and outcomes from your workshop to their respective websites, as well as in white papers, social media posts, webinars, blogs, newsletters, and live education conferences.

* If you do not know your membership status, please email Jennifer A. Wilson, MBA, CAEMembership Director, or call 301.984.9496 ext. 215. You may submit an application for Cancer Program Membership through the ACCC website.

Funding for this initiative is provided by a charitable donation from Bristol-Myers Squibb and supported by an educational grant from Merck & Co., Inc.